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Welcome to Stone Art and More inc.
We mainly deal with Marble fireplace mantels, marble fountains, marble statues, marble gazebos, marble bathtubs, garden benches, urns and all other garden decors. Besides, we are also dealing with iron stuff, iron fencing, iron gate and iron gazebos, greenhouse and conservatories, wrought iron door panels and so on. Any size and style can be customized.
Stone Art & More, Inc
Add:Dangcheng Caving Zone, quyang county, hebei China.
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Stone Art & More, Inc

Welcome to Stone Art and More inc.
Looking for fireplace mantels?
We have them: Classic fireplace mantels, column style mantels, English style mantels, antique style mantels and more. We have marble, travertine, sandstone, dark coffee, and Carrara materials for you to choose. Any styles and items can be customized.
What about a statue?
We have many kinds of statues: figure statues, lions, horses, dogs, angels and cherubs. We also offer different materials and colors.
If you need something for garden décor,
You are here in the right place, we have different kinds of classic fountains, urn, gazebos, columns, benches and chairs and more. Any styles and materials can be customized.
Besides, we also have beautiful Iron art:
Iron fence, iron gate, iron gazebos, greenhouses and conservatories.

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